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Word for the World - March 10

  • 2020 Mar 10

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Should we take Nazirite Vows today?

First, it would be impossible for anyone, Jew or Gentile, to perform the requirements of the Nazirite vow today because they simply could not bring the sacrifices required to complete the vow. These sacrifices were expensive for the Nazirite, and showed the strength of commitment on the part of the one taking the vow.

Second, even if we could fulfill the obligations of the vow, the Christian today should always remember that we are free from the law through our redemption in Christ, the ultimate sacrifice. To obligate yourself to the Jewish Law is to fail to recognize the mystery of the church.

Third, while there are aspects of the Nazirite vow that can be emulated in the life of a Christian, I fear that the monk-style escape from society is more a religion of asceticism than of godly devotion. The Christian life in the New Testament is an active life.  I would applaud one who took a personal retreat for Bible study and spiritual growth.  I have great fears of modern contemplative spirituality, however.  If the Nazirite vow was taken today, I fear that it would be filled with so-called Christian mysticism and would be more new-age than Biblical.

Dedicate yourself to be holy unto the Lord as a believer, active in your church, engaged with your society, and always willing to sacrifice time, talents, and treasure for the Lord’s Work.

In His Grace;

Dr. Randy White

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