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Word for the World - March 11

  • 2020 Mar 11

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The Crux of the Matter
Dr. Randy White

“But so that it will not spread any further among the people, let us warn them to speak no longer to any man in this name.” (Acts 4:17; NASB95)

This world does not mind preaching, teaching, witnessing, literature distribution, and propaganda campaigns of any sort, except one—that done in the name of Jesus.

It is not just our post-modern, humanistic American society that is this way.  In Jerusalem, 2000 years ago, an undeniable miracle had taken place, and word of this had spread through the city.  Peter and John were asked to quit preaching “in this name.” That is the name of Jesus.

The name of Jesus is the crux of the matter.  Secular humanists can handle preaching, teaching, proselytizing, etc., so long as Jesus is not involved.  Indeed, as prophesied hundreds of years before His birth, Jesus has become the Stumbling Stone. 

If you will just preach family values, economic principles, clean living, and methods of personal success, you will do just fine.  But, if you preach in the name (literally “on the basis of”) Jesus, then they will ask you to cease and desist.

Jesus—He is the crux of the matter.

In His Grace,
Dr. Randy White

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