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Top 10 Qualities to Look For in a Wife

  • John Shore
  • 2007 28 Sep
Top 10 Qualities to Look For in a Wife
My wife and I recently celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. If you’re a single guy thinking about getting married, might I suggest, based on my experience, that you marry a woman who possesses the following 10 qualities?  

1. So smart she constantly freaks you out with her humongous Absorb-O-Brain.
Upside: Hanging around with a smart person makes you smarter. Up to a point, of course. But still.
Downside: Smart people remember everything. Pretty mixed blessing.

2. So wise she makes Confucius look like Goober Pyle.
Your own private oracle!
Downside: Wise people are extremely good at anticipating the outcome of things that slightly less wise people do. Not entirely gratifying.

3. So heart-stoppingly gorgeous that just looking at her wipes every thought out of your head.
Upside: Constant aesthetic revelation.
Downside: It’s rude to stare.

4. So compassionate she regularly makes you feel like Ivan the Terrible.
Upside: Constantly getting to see the highest aspect of human nature in action.
Downside: Basically stuck having to do the right thing all the time seriously cuts into TV-watching time. Not to mention savings account.

5. So funny you can barely stand it.
Upside: Never-ending yuks!
Downside: Getting all the jokes means really paying attention, always. Worth it -- but still.

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6. An indefatigable worker.
Upside: Stuff gets done.
Downside: Guilt interferes with naps.

7. The greatest artist you know you’ll ever meet.
(Relatively) free art!
Downside: A wife who’s driven by stuff you can’t even begin to understand.

8. Shares your spiritual values.
The regular achieving of deep and mutual spiritual experience simultaneously realized.
Downside: None.

9. Sure that the highest human prize available in this life is a good marriage.
Willing to work to achieve a great relationship.
Downside: Willing to make you work to achieve a great relationship.

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10. Absolutely without agenda or ambition for you beyond that you’re happy.
Upside: No nagging! Ever.
Downside: You have to decide what really makes you happy. Much trickier than you might think.

So remember, guys. To ensure a happy, long-lasting marriage, all you have to do is marry a woman who is smart, wise, beautiful, compassionate, funny, hard-working, aesthetically inspired, spiritual, passionately desirous of a good marriage, and has virtually no “ambitions” for you beyond that you’re happy.

That's what I did, anyway.

Lucky, lucky me.

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