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Marilyn Musgrave Named 2005 Christian Statesman

  • 2005 28 Apr
Marilyn Musgrave Named 2005 Christian Statesman

On April 27, members of Congress and their staff joined the Center for Christian Statesmanship in honoring Representative Marilyn Musgrave (CO) as the 2005 Distinguished Christian Statesman. 


What is a Christian Statesman?  The Center's executive director George Roller says that such a person is someone whose commitment to Christ and love of country compel him or her to stand for truth and righteousness in government and to uphold principles that will exalt rather than debase the nation.


"Such persons acknowledge their personal dependence upon God and recognize that an account must be given to Him for their public and private conduct in government service," said Roller.


In short, the Distinguished Christian Statesman award is a calling card of sorts that says to all political leaders, "Here is goal, reach for it!"  "We have a rich legacy of Christian Statesmen in America," said Roller. "...Great leaders, including Patrick Henry, George Washington, John Jay, John Adams, and Abraham Lincoln.  These names ring with a distinguishable presence attainable by those who hold great faith in the God of the Bible.  We rank Rep. Musgrave among those whose character and integrity are proclaimed louder by their lives than by their words."


In talking about how she expresses her faith in the political realm, Rep. Musgrave said, "I'm determined to remain "Marilyn" through the experience and to ask the Lord for wisdom and balance in my life and keep my priorities straight."


Musgrave elaborated, "In this political arena very often you have opportunities to be bitter.  You have opportunities to be angry. When you're in political office, not everyone tells you how pretty you are every day.  It can be a very rough and tumble arena...beauty comes from inside of you.  Forgiveness is not optional...We have a wonderful heritage in this nation and [I] don't want to squander it."


Past recipients of the Distinguished Christian Statesman award include: former Attorney General John Ashcroft; former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore; former House Majority Leader Dick Armey; Senator Sam Brownback; former Congressman J.C. Watts; Former U.S. Office of Personnel Management Director Kay Coles James; and Representative John Hostettler.


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