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Retired Colonel Jeff O'Leary on the Importance of Prayer

  • Janet Chismar Crosswalk.com Contributor
  • 2003 30 Apr
Retired Colonel Jeff O'Leary on the Importance of Prayer

Col Jeff O'Leary spoke to more than 10 million television viewers two weeks after terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the building where he worked--the Pentagon. This Legion of Merit holder, longtime member of the United States Air Force, humanitarian, and consultant for Fox Television understands what it means to trust in God in faith-trying circumstances: While serving as a Peacekeeper in Northern Israel during the Gulf War, he survived a nightly Iraqi missile barrage and a café bombing while evacuating innocent civilians.


This morning, while talking about his new book Brave Hearts Under Red Skies, O'Leary shared with Crosswalk.com the important role ordinary Christians can play on the National Day of Prayer - and every day:

I've done a lot of military analysis for Fox News in the last three months, and I've been specifically asked, "Is there anything else that you would suggest?" and I'd say, "Yes, this nation, as a nation, needs to pray." 


There's a battle going on that we can all see. We can turn on the news, and pick up the newspaper and it's clearly visible to all of us. But there's a more important battle going on that we cannot see. That is the battle that the believers are called to fight in.


They may not be over on the front lines in Iraq, but they are on the front lines of a more important battle - the spiritual battle - that will determine what we'll see on the physical plane.


To me, if believers take their responsibility as seriously as we in the military take ours, then we can accomplish a great thing here. And I think we are seeing that - a nation of millions has been freed from this brutal regime and I'm praying that this country will continue to lift up in prayer those who are still in harm's way. Never forget that your role is as indispensable as the role of the soldier who has to go into the war and fight.

As an author, O'Leary's books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and appeared on the New York Times Bestseller's List. Now, with Brave Hearts Under Red Skies, he documents the stories of our country's unsung heroes throughout two centuries of American life, believers who combined their faith in God with courage to endure the crucible of war; believers who put their trust in God even though their worlds were falling apart. Brave Hearts Under Red Skies will arrive in bookstores this month. And don't miss his interview with Crosswalk, this Memorial Day, May 26.


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