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The Eyes Have It

  • 2004 5 Aug
The Eyes Have It

Are you near-sighted or far-sighted? Do you wear corrective lenses? In today's passage from scripture, Matthew 6:22, 23, Jesus taught about spiritual eyesight. It is truly quite simple. The eye is the window to the soul. If we allow God's light to shine in our eyes, our whole being will radiate with His goodness. If we focus our eyes on Satan and the forces of evil, then we will be filled with darkness.

This passage takes on more significance as we apply what we now know about the eye. Optometrists have learned there are basic eye disorders which can lead to imperfect vision. There are spiritual applications for each disorder.

MYOPIA (near sightedness) - an inability to focus clearly on distant objects. Families impaired with this spiritual myopia have lost sight of their spiritual destination - heaven - because they are so caught up in the worries of today.

HYPEROPIA (far sightedness) - an inability to focus on objects that are close by. This shows up in our families when we clearly see the faults of others, but overlook the areas on our own lives which are less than perfect.

PRESBYOPIA (aging condition) - a deterioration of the eye caused by the passing of time. Without proper check-ups, our family relationships can suffer from presbyopia which causes them to lose the fervor and joy that once motivated and inspired us.

ASTIGMATISM (out of balance) - the inability to focus on entire images. Astigmatism occurs in our families when we make decisions that go against God's commands. Unwillingness to see the whole picture and listen for God's voice in every situation causes us to be out of balance.

If any or all of these conditions are evident in your family, consider these corrective measures:
• Have regular checkups. Make sure your family is being exposed to God's Word on a regular basis.
• If necessary, use corrective lenses. The cure for your poor spiritual eyesight is within your grasp. Put it into practice!
• Get proper rest. Nothing relaxes your tired eyes like a good rest. Maybe your family needs a time of rest and relaxation together to restore your eyesight. If so, plan for it.

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