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I’m Boring; Can I Get Ahead Anyway?

  • Dan Miller
  • 2011 5 Sep
I’m Boring; Can I Get Ahead Anyway?

Here are two related questions from podcast listeners this week:

“Dan, I was nonrenewed from my teaching job last spring and have been applying to jobs since February, with no luck. I have had around 10 interviews. In the last interview, the principal told me that out of 58 applicants, they interviewed only 7, and of the 7, I was one of the top 4. When I asked what I could have done better, he said, “Be more animated.” I have been given the same feedback from my old principal and a few other people. I have tried smiling more, using more intonation in my voice, and saying things like, “One thing I love about teaching is…” I am worried that I am not being hired because of my perceived lack of enthusiasm, even though I love teaching. Do you have any tips on how to be more animated?”   Janice

And here’s a related question:

“I have recently changed jobs.  I sincerely want to do well, learn all I can, and get along with people.  However, I am sure I come across as quite boring to others.  ………  How can an introvert get ahead in the fast paced business environment?”   Tom

Here are some quick tips to make yourself a more attractive candidate:

  • Listen to your own voice – do you sound enthusiastic?
  • Look someone directly in the eyes – shifting eyes tells them you are not really interested and low is self-confidence.
  • Smile more – even when you are talking
  • Practice a firm handshake
  • Sit up straight and hold your shoulders back
  • Listen carefully when someone is talking to you
  • Walk 25% faster than you normally would
  • Let go of resentment, unforgiveness and guilt
  • Express gratitude for everything in your life

Do those and people will want you on their team.  Nothing here requires time, money or an additional degree.  You can start today and have new opportunities show up immediately.

When you become a person other people want to be around, you open yourself up to their opportunities as well.  Try it and see.

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