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Questions for Screening the Employer

  • 2002 11 Dec
Questions for Screening the Employer

Interview the interviewer? Many job applicants concentrate on giving good answers to the interviewer’s questions, but give little forethought to what they want to ask the prospective employer. Prior to an interview, think about what you need to find out about the job, boss, and company to decide whether they will be a good fit for you. The following questions are offered for you to use, and to stimulate your thinking about additional questions you may want to ask.

When can I expect to hear regarding this position? (Always ask this question near the end of the interview if the interviewer hasn't given you this information.)

What particular skills and abilities are important for doing this job well? (Try to ask a question like this toward the beginning of the interview so that you have the opportunity to describe how your qualifications match what they are looking for in a job candidate.)

How is "success" evaluated in this position?

What problems would you like to see the person in this position address/solve within the next year?

Can you tell me what a typical day would be like?

What are the major responsibilities of this position?

Can you explain the typical career path of someone entering in this position?

Can I progress at my own speed or is the work structured?

How frequently do you relocate professional employees?

What is the firm's policy with regard to paying for educational tuition and fees?

How often are performance reviews given?

Is it possible to transfer from one division to another?

Does this firm promote from within the ranks?

How much exposure and contact with management is there?

What is the average age of middle management, top management?

What is the percentage of women (minority) managers?

What are the commonly experienced satisfactions and frustrations of this job?

Is it possible to move through the training program faster than average?

Asking good questions is as important as giving good answers to the interviewer’s questions. Interviewing is a two-way process, and questions like the ones above can help ensure that you have the information needed to decide whether or not to accept a job once it is offered to you.