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Stop Making Decisions

  • Dan Miller
  • 2012 9 Jan
Stop Making Decisions

I read in a interview this week where Dr. Mehmet Oz said:  “I recently learned that the more decisions we make in a day, the more likely we are to make bad decisions – because deciding wears us down.

You start making decisions in the morning, and by the middle of the afternoon, you’re running on fumes.”

Now – I like spontaneity and certainly don’t want to become a robot.  I don’t want to feel programmed to go to Taco Bell every day.  Some days I want to go to Garcias, or Panchos, or Nachos, or La Hacienda.  You get my drift.

But I realize that making the big decisions in advance frees me up to be most productive without interruption.  I don’t have to “decide” whether to answer the phone at 10:00 AM or to respond to the latest flurry of incoming emails.  I’ve decided way in advance that my mornings will be spent on my writing projects – so those potential interruptions are not weighty decisions at all.

So here’s a tip:  To the extent that it’s possible, don’t make so many decisions. 

If you have your goals set for 2012 you should already have major blocks of your activity laid out.  Decide how you will spend your time, what committees you’ll serve on, what you’re doing to stay in shape, how you will strengthen our relationships, etc.  This will free up your life and energy so you aren’t confronted with so many new decisions each day.  When 4:00 rolls around you’ll still have energy – knowing you’ve invested your time in the things that are most important.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with making decisions?