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Plan Your Holiday Budget Now

  • Deborah Nayrocker, M.Ed. Contributing Writer
  • 2011 31 Oct
Plan Your Holiday Budget Now

Dear Deborah,

Do you have any suggestions on how I can affordably give gifts to everyone on my Christmas list? I am on a very limited budget this year.  -- Sonia

Rest assured you’re not alone.

Confer with others about drawing names, rather than giving something to everyone in the giving circle of friends, family and company associates. This could be a welcome relief for others. Ask those in the giving circle for ideas of what they would like to receive. Then make appropriate gift choices from the list. Set a spending limit.

When it comes to buying gifts for children, give them two or three items they especially want, instead of many small gifts.

Give CDs of favorite music for the music lovers in the family. Put together favorite photos in an album or wall display. Children’s drawings or photos can be framed as gifts for grandparents.

Give presents of your creativity and time. Consider something baked, sewn or handmade.  Compose poetry the recipient would enjoy. Make personalized jewelry.

Or offer to help out as needed with a coupon good for future services, such as lawn care, childcare or a special meal.

What’s important is one’s expression of thoughtfulness, not necessarily the amount spent.

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