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Joe Scarborough on Money and Ethics: Part 2

  • Mary Naber
  • 2000 3 Mar
Joe Scarborough on Money and Ethics: Part 2
In Part 1 of Mary's interview with Congressman Joe Scarborough of Florida, he addressed the need for the United States to protest the blatant denial of human rights in such countries as Sudan and China. Scarborough supports the strategy of enforcing economic sanctions, contending that the termination of such social injustice should be of paramount importance to the loss of revenue incurred by certain American special interest groups. In Part 2 of the interview, Scarborough continues the discusion of economic sanctions and addresses the role of Christian citizens in our nation.

Why would individuals oppose economic sanctions against such ruthless countries?

Heres the dirty secret. Our economy has been fueled by several factors, but one of the main things has been (foreign) slave labor. We import products from countries that conduct slave labor practices.

I recently spoke with a journalist who visited China and viewed the construction of a Boeing airplane. And he said it was in the side of a mountain, almost in this cave-like condition. He asked the guy that ran the plant how he made it efficient and he responded by saying, Well, we set quotas.

And so the journalist replied, Well, since everybodys employed by the state, you cant fire them if they dont meet their quotas. What happens if they dont meet their quotas?

And he said, We take them out back and shoot them.

And that was from William Bright, a very respected journalist who has written for The Atlantic, the Rolling Stone, and for Op-eds in the New York Times. He is a very respected liberal columnist. And yet, these are the people we deal with. We may get cheap products at Toys-R-Us, but theres blood all over our hands.

In addition to prayer, what other steps might Christians take on these issues?

You know, Im sort of in an insurgent mood right now. I think Christians are just going to have to wake up, and understand -- as David Horowitz said, a guy that was formerly in the radical left in America -- that our opponents are not like us. Republicans are trained in Rotary Clubs, and in churches, and in Sunday School groups, while you have people that come to Washington from the Left being trained by socialist organizations, by unions, and by other groups that play hard-balled politics.

Weve got to understand that were playing with a group of people that will destroy everything thats sacred to us, and we cant allow ourselves to fight back in the political arena as long as theyre willing to lie and cheat and call us racists and bigots. Weve got to be willing not to engage in the same behavior, but weve got to stand up and call them what they are. And if the mainstream media doesnt like it -- tough luck.

Is there anything else youd like to add?

Theres another thingweve got to create new media sources, weve got to use the Internet, weve got to use cable TV, weve got to use satellite hook-ups, weve got to get creative.

Every time I talk to young Christian groups I tell them, dont run for Congressthere will always be a conservative geek somewhere thats going to run for Congress. You need to go to journalism school and be a journalist. You need to go to Hollywood, and be the next great producer. You need to be the next great songwriterand not just make Christian movies, or Christian songs, or Christian newspapers. You need to do something that will help us go out into the battlefield in the same sort of Trojan Horse that the Left uses.

You know they use good-looking stars. They use funny movies. They use TV. They use all these devices, but they always slip in (delivering) messages that are destructive, that are wrong, and that are a lie.

So the short answer is: Christians have to get on the battlefield and fight ... because whether people like to admit it or not, Pat Buchanan was right in 1992. Were in the middle of a cultural war that were losing.

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