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Senator Joe Lieberman: Friend of the Family

  • Scott Fehrenbacher CEO & President
  • 2001 13 Jan
Senator Joe Lieberman:  Friend of the Family
Senator Joe Lieberman is a friend of the family. As an advocate and leader for the values-based investing for years, I have followed and supported Senator Liebermans bold efforts to engage the entertainment industry on behalf of the family.

Lieberman has been outspoken against Hollywood producers that create gratuitous violence and sex in their programming even at the risk of offending some of his partys most prolific financial supporters.

On December 1, 1999, Joe Lieberman spoke out during a press conference on Hollywood. Speaking on behalf of parents across America, Lieberman said, What we are simply asking for, then, is to raise up those basic standards to meet parents in the middle, and recognize as most Americans do that is wrong to air the sordid fightfest of Jerry Springer after school as several broadcasters have done, that is wrong to target R-rated movies with high doses of sex and violence to young teens as several studios have done, that it is wrong to sell records to kids that romanticize and stylize murder and misogyny as several record companies have done.

Lieberman was instrumental along with Bill Bennett in getting Time Warner to sell the Interscope Records label in 1995 because of its violent and cop-killer gangsta rap artists Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Tupac Shakur.

In another speech, Senator Lieberman referred to his victory with Time Warner. Time Warner, and the entire entertainment industry, need to listen to the parents I talk to when I am home in Connecticut who are outraged by the growing level of garbage thats being thrown at their children across a multitude of media, from cop-killing music to blood-spewing video games to sleaze-ridden talk shows. The industry also needs to understand the feelings of disgust and frustration that are spreading across America, a sense that our entertainment producers reject rather than reflect the values shared by most families in the country.

How Joe Liebermans personal views may or may not impact the new Democratic presidential ticket are debatable. Personally, I dont see any congruent themes with presidential nominee Al Gore. Like salt and sugar, the two dont seem to mix when it comes to issues of cultural morality. One thing I do know for sure, Joe Lieberman is a proven soldier in the fight against the vile culture Hollywood is promoting these days.