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German Teen Reunited with Family

  • 2007 24 Apr
German Teen Reunited with Family

[Editor's Note: This article is from our friends at HSLDA.]

Many of you have been following the story of Melissa Busekros, who was taken from her home by police on February 1, 2007, just because her family homeschooled her.

On this past Monday, her 16th birthday, Melissa determined that she would decide for herself where she would live.

In the early morning hours of Monday, April 23, Melissa left her foster family and made her way back to her own family! Of course, her family was delighted to see her, and they made plans to celebrate her 16th birthday. And we rejoice with the Busekros family now that their family has been reunited.

However, threats remain and your prayers are still needed. Because Melissa left on her own it is possible that the Youth Welfare authorities may decide to forcibly remove her again. At age 16 more rights and privileges are recognized but it is not certain what the state's response will be.

We want to recognize the work done by our friends and partners who have invested time, energy and resources in working to encourage and equip the Busekros family. There were media sites like WorldNet Daily, LifeSite and CBN. There was the important work of Joel Thornton's International Human Rights Group and many German homeschool leaders and supporters of the family including the Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit and Schuzhe, two of the most active organizations working for change in Germany today.

And of course there have been you, our loyal members. Your prayers, financial support, and letters have been a source of encouragement not only for the Busekros family, but for all German homeschoolers. The Busekros family asked HSLDA Chairman and General Counsel Mike Farris and Staff Attorney Mike Donnelly to visit Germany on a fact-finding trip to relay their sincere appreciation for your encouragement. Your membership and generous donations to the Home School Foundation's Germany fund have allowed us to help the Busekros family and other families facing this kind of persecution in Germany.

Unfortunately, the Busekros family is not alone in experiencing this type of persecution. There are scores of other families that face fines and imprisonment or who choose to flee the country. HSLDA has been in contact with and supporting a number of families in these circumstances. Mike Donnelly will be returning to Germany to encourage homeschoolers at a conference there this weekend.

We ask for your prayers for these brave German homeschoolers as they gather to chart a course to bring freedom to homeschoolers. We also ask you also to stay tuned as we will be sending a more detailed email soon giving you more facts, history and insight into a new strategy to help German homeschoolers and with details on what you can do.

Thank you for all you do to keep homeschooling free here in our country and for your commitment to help others in countries like Germany where they face daily persecution simply for teaching their children at home!


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