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8 Things to Put on Your Homeschool Bucket List

  • Alpha Omega Publications
  • 2018 19 Dec
8 Things to Put on Your Homeschool Bucket List

By definition, bucket lists are designed to last a lifetime. However, they can also be used for nearly every occasion imaginable, whether they are categorized by foods to try, destinations to visit, or things to accomplish during a single season of the year. So, why not create your own homeschool bucket list? Customize the one we’ve started below, a list of eight awesome things to do with your kids to help them learn and grow this year.

1. Start your own Instagram account.

The photo-sharing social network is a great place to commemorate your homeschool adventures. Get inspiration from accounts you should followand tips from AOP for shooting photos that inspire.

2. Incorporate brain breaks into your homeschool day.

The few minutes they require will bring more fun into your day and go a long way in helping your children focus during study time.

3. Explore a unique attraction in your state.

For ideas, peruse our list of 50 lesser-known family vacation destinations.

4. Commit to daily devotions.

Sometimes life gets busy, and sometimes it’s just plain hard to get your children engaged in daily devotions. Pledge to persevere this year and check out our four tips for getting your student engaged.

5. Start a family game night.

Game nights are a great way to enjoy each other’s company and some healthy competition. Try our suggestions for competitiveand cooperative gamesyour kids are sure to love.

6. Take a trip to the world’s largest homeschool sporting event.

The National Christian HomeSchool Basketball Championshipshave been held for more than 25 years. The organization also offers tournaments throughout the year for cross country, track and field, golf, soccer, and volleyball.

7. Explore important dates in the church year that aren’t celebrated as national holidays.

From Ash Wednesdayto Pentecost, there are plenty of dates throughout the year that hold significance within the church but aren’t recognized outside of it like Christmas and Easter. Be intentional about studying them with your homeschoolers this year.

8. Pray.

Set aside time for intentional prayer each day both for your family and as a family. Share this list of 12 daily prayers for your childrenwith your spouse and use them throughout your homeschool year.

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