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National Alert: Senate Must Allow Vote on Estrada Nomination

  • 2003 6 Mar
National Alert: Senate Must Allow Vote on Estrada Nomination

A majority of United States Senators have said that they will vote in favor of President Bush's nominee to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, Miguel Estrada. A minority of Senators are blocking this nomination by refusing to allow a vote because they do not like Estrada's conservative views.

If the nomination of Estrada is rejected through this process, it will be an affront to our Constitution. It will also make it much more difficult for conservative Justices to be appointed to the Supreme Court in the event of vacancies during President Bush's term.

HSLDA needs your help to ensure that the Senate confirms this judge who supports the original meaning of the Constitution.

Action Requested:
1. Click on the link below to find out if one or both of your United State Senators oppose the Estrada nomination:
2. If your Senator(s) oppose the nomination call TODAY OR TOMORROW and ask them to allow an "up or down" vote on the Miguel Estrada nomination. Your message may be as simple as, "Our Constitution demands that President Bush be given an "up or down" vote on the Estrada nomination. Please end the filibuster."
3. If your Senator(s) are in favor of the Estrada nomination, please write or email them a note of thanks. You can go to our website at and enter your zip code to find the contact information for your Senators.
4. Pass this email on to your friends. Ask others to join in the fight for constitutional integrity.


On January 7, 2002, President Bush nominated Miguel Estrada to fill a vacancy on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Estrada nomination on January 31, 2003. Though 55 Senators have pledged to support Estrada, a handful of liberal Democratic Senators have resorted to the filibuster, in order to stop a vote on President Bush's nominee. Though only a simple majority is necessary for confirmation, Senate Majority Leader Frist lacks the 60 votes needed to end debate in the Senate and bring the nomination to a vote. More importantly, President Bush deserves to have his appointment given an up or down vote.

Miguel Estrada immigrated to the United States from Honduras at the age of 17 and worked hard to succeed in a country that values opportunity and rewards perseverance. Estrada graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia College and went on to earn his law degree magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. After graduating, he clerked for a Circuit Court Judge and then a Supreme Court Justice, earning what is seen as one of the most prestigious legal positions in America. He has substantial legal experience.

The appointment of federal judges has a direct effect on the rights and principles that are crucial to the protection of homeschool freedoms. President Bush has said that his appointees must agree with a strict construction of the Constitution. Estrada is believed to fit this description.

Opponents view the nomination of Miguel Estrada as a referendum on conservative judges and justices. HSLDA needs your support in upholding principles of limited government and a proper interpretation of our Constitution.