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Patrick Henry College Launches Campus & Home Degree Program

  • 2003 14 Apr
Patrick Henry College Launches Campus & Home Degree Program

Starting in the summer of 2003, Patrick Henry College will begin enrolling students in the Campus & Home degree program. This distinctive method of enrollment will combine distance learning with traditional on-campus learning to provide an option for students whose circumstances do not allow for traditional on campus enrollment for four years.

How does it work? Simply put, students will take distance learning courses during the fall and spring semesters and come to campus for courses during the summer. While the core curriculum will be available through distance learning, courses in the major and courses that cannot be taught online (e.g. Rhetoric) will be taught during the summer. To determine what courses are required for the degree of your interest, please see PHC's Student Catalog.

If a student were to take a full load of courses each semester, he or she could graduate in four years and nine weeks. That is, the student would start with a summer and end with a summer and take courses each summer, fall, and spring semester in-between. Students do not have to take a full load and do not have to attend every summer if they would prefer to go at a slower pace.

Home much does it cost? Tuition is $250 per credit hour. This means that the tuition for a one-credit course is $250 and the tuition for a three credit course is $750. This tuition is the same whether the course is on-campus during the summer or taken from home through distance learning.

Room and board during the summer sessions is $200 per week. A nominal Technology Fee will also be charged to cover costs of computer set-up and support for the student while on campus. (Technology details are coming soon.) Full payment of all fees including tuition is due by June 9. These fees do not include books and lab materials which will range from $20-$120 per class.
Potential students are invited to complete PHC's admissions packet. These packets should be returned with a non-refundable application processing fee of $50, payable to "Patrick Henry College," as soon as possible.
Applications will be accepted until all available slots are filled. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications early, as space is limited. The Campus & Home program will admit students under the same methodology and standards as on-campus students.

Course Descriptions:

Research and Writing
- Steve Hake, Ph.D.
This course is designed to teach basic writing skills as well as explain the process of writing a research paper complete with proper source citations. The major project concentrates on the writing of a short research paper that demonstrates a student's mastery of all of the elements of the process. (1 credit)

Logic - Mark T. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Students will gain proficiency in handling rhetorical tropes and fallacies and be introduced to deductive reasoning. This course includes some symbolic logic. (3 credits)
Rhetoric - G.T. Smith, Ph.D.
The purpose of this course is to develop and improve students' skills in speaking the truth with clarity and persuasive force. Students will compose and deliver speeches using a classical rhetoric model. In addition, the significant orations of Western literature will be read and analyzed, beginning with Homeric speeches and concluding with Roman oratory as seen primarily in Cicero. (3 credits)