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Raining Sunshine

  • 2008 11 Aug
Raining Sunshine

Even after twenty years of living on the plains of Colorado I’m caught off guard when the sun shines above me at the same time rain droplets plop onto my skin. It happened again the other night. We were at the baseball field watching our middle son’s team. The thud of the ball into the glove and the crack of the bat punctuated a normal evening. The sun glistened in the west, beginning its evening descent. Then it happened. The rain started even though the sky hadn’t blackened with clouds.

Growing up in a more humid climate I was used to lots of clouds before and after a rainstorm. Occasionally the sun would peek through the gray, but rarely would you have sunshine and rain at the same time, so it’s still a marvel to me when it happens. And this particular experience stayed with me longer than usual. Ever since that night I’ve been thinking about rain in sunshine and sunshine in rain.

It seems so contradictory.

But a gentle nudge makes me think about it more deeply. See, I have a tendency to live life going from storm to calm to storm: Life is hard. Life is good. Life is hard. 

Many times I’ve said things like, “I’m in a difficult season right now.” Or, “I’m enjoying a season of rest.” Scripture reminds us there are seasons in life. But I can take this way of thinking to the extreme. Too often the raindrops start and I assume an all out storm. Covering my head I run for shelter, completely missing the fact the sun is still shining.

My husband calls this all or nothing living.

I think that night at the ball diamond made such an impression because my summer looks very different than I expected. My long list of worthy goals was to be carried out in the sunshine. When unexpected rain came the temptation was all or nothing living. Buckle down the hatch! Pull out the umbrella! Dive for cover, and ride out the storm.

But a whisper in my heart prompts me to slow down and notice the sunshine in the rain—the bright spots the Lord wants me to embrace. There is glory in experiencing rain in sunshine. Only in those times are there double rainbows, roses with tiny droplets of water sparkling in the light, and ballgames that continue despite precipitation.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Life has out and out storms. Deep seasons of pain require plenty of grieving room, not a Pollyanna attempt at seeing the good.

But as I think about raining sunshine, the Lord convicts me that not every difficulty has to bring on a season of pain. I can cry in the rain and dance in the sunshine on the very same day. And while life definitely has its seasons of extremes, much of it is just life. Good and bad together.


Help me not to be overwhelmed with the hard stuff, always assuming a storm, seeing only the rain. Open my eyes to the sunshine and give me a more balanced approach to life.