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Teen to Planned Parenthood: Take Your Lies and Leave

  • Jim Brown Agape Press
  • 2004 16 Dec
Teen to Planned Parenthood: Take Your Lies and Leave

A 16-year-old New Jersey high school student wants Planned Parenthood kicked off her campus.

Claire Moore is a junior at Manasquan High School. The pro-life student wants the school to dump a required freshman sexual education course that includes two days of presentations by Planned Parenthood on contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). She says when she took the class, she was appalled to hear the group encourage teenagers to seek an abortion if contraception failed.

Moore says she would like to ask Planned Parenthood officials if they realize how much harm they are causing students. "I just ask them to stop sending such a perverted message to young children who are my age [and] who are just so impressionable at this stage in life, and [stop teaching] the things that they're telling us," she says. Basically, she adds, Planned Parenthood is "shoving lies down our throats -- and I'm sick and tired of it."

The young woman says taxpayer-supported agency is delivering an immoral message. "The fact that Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider is also something that concerns me," she shares. "And I know firsthand that a lot of students who go to my high school have had abortions in the past -- and they just don't see anything wrong with that because it's taught to them as a normal, simple, and safe medical procedure that has no moral consequences."

Moore says if school administrators do not nix the Planned Parenthood program, she intends to start a pro-life student group on campus.

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