downhere -- Downhere

ALBUM: Downhere
ARTIST: downhere
IN A PHRASE: Think Jars of Clay mixed with a little bit of Jake.

New Word artists downhere hail from Canada. Basically, they really did come down here. (I know it's a bad joke ... forget it!)

Lead vocalists Jason Germain and Marc Martel offer vocals that are somewhat different. I guess it's the Canadian accent, but hey, I like it.

They start out their debut with Larger Than Life. No, they're not covering Backstreet, they're singing about the life we can have in God's love.

A funky mix of keyboards and guitars collide in the creative lyrics of Free Me Up. The worshipful lyrics of Great Are You just grab you and pull you into a time of contemplative worship that discovers the awesomeness of our Creator.

Calmer of the Storm is the best track on the CD. The joining of the lyrics, the soft strings and piano, and downhere's smooth vocals enhance this track tremendously.

The band takes a front seat to vocals on Making Me. Although it sounds somewhat low-key on the record, it has the sound of a killer live track. Breathing In is a unique look at the passage between our earthly and heavenly lives.

I can't say anything else but listen for the bonus track, Rock Stars Need Money.

A big point on this project is that Nathan Nockels of Watermark holds production credits with Jason and Marc.

The only thing I saw wrong with this record was the fact that some of their lyrics seemed incomplete. They left me wanting more answers and closure to the subjects of the songs.

My final word ...

downhere is part of the recent influx of Canadian artists to hit Nashville. I'm not one to say if they'll be a hit or not, but they'll definitely make a bang.

Until Next Time ...
The J Man