Green's Music Breaks Through to a New Generation

Your Love Broke Through
The Worship Songs of Keith Green
Sparrow Records

First, let me confess: I had never heard Keith Green's music until this CD. Plenty of you must be saying to yourselves, "How could that be? I grew up listening to him." I didn't. Keith Green was before my time. From what I hear, though, he's the type of genuine artist worth seeking out in the record bins. Green was legendary for his honest Jesus music. He was even inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, his career was short-lived. Green was killed in a plane crash 20 years ago.

Sparrow Records has brought together several of today's popular contemporary Christian pop stars to record Green's songs for Your Love Broke Through, a tribute album. Rebecca St. James, Twila Paris, Darlene Zschech and a host of others come together for this project to honor the memory of Green and introduce his music to a new generation - people like me, and maybe you, too.

Michael W. Smith, arguably the king of Christian pop, appears on Broke Through, with even better-than-usual vocals on There Is One, an unfinished Green tune completed by Smith and Delirious' Martin Smith. One will probably be another hit for Smith.

Oh Lord, You're Beautiful toys with technology, meshing Green's previously recorded vocals with several contemporary artists.

Though Green is no longer living, his spirit lives on, and some are saying Jason Upton is "the next Keith Green." We shall see. Upton recently released his passionate debut, Worship, on 40 Records. On his rendition of You Are The One on Your Love Broke Through, he sounds remarkably like Bono (of U2). It remains to be seen whether or not Upton will take over where Green left off and become the voice of his generation.