Spur58's "Sleepwalkers" Interesting, But Imitative

Artist:  Spur58
Title:  "Sleepwalkers"
Label:  Indelible

While "Sleepwalkers," the debut of pop worship band Spur58, portends to be a “wake up call” to the mainstream culture, and presumably many Christians, it’s likely to impact more of a niche crowd.

While the music is solid and engaging enough to warrant broad appeal – with its crisp production values and sing-along friendly melodies – given the language and churchy lyrical constructs, it’s more likely to find its strongest fans among the religious.

Three quarters of the way into it is the song “Kyle’s Lament,” a song that more accurately represents the language and tone of the Biblical Psalter than most of the music pouring forth currently from most contemporary worship bands. However, most of "Sleepwalkers," though well-crafted and musically interesting, tends to slide into formulaic praise songs imitative of more experimental works by Delirious and David Crowder.

Written primarily to some second person “You,” which some songs suggest could be addressed to a human friend/love interest (“Ready to Love”), more often than not, it provides a situational context for a rather transparent metaphor for the worship of the Divine. That works best early on in “Ready to Love,” when speaking through this emo-styled, angsty pop persona, but the repetitive and familiar lauding of “All to My God and King” and “The Wonderful” feels all too common.

Throughout the 150 Psalms and various laments, prophet songs and scriptural hymns in the Biblical canon, there are vast expressions offering a wide breadth of human emotions, digging often into the depth of both disappointment and exaltation as a result of God’s saving acts. What’s missing on "Sleepwalkers" is that substantial human narrative that provides both context and meaning to such words of grateful praise. Still, Spur58 has made a respectable first effort, put a solid foot forward.   

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