Ones to Watch: Echoing Angels

Atlanta-natives Echoing Angels – featuring front-man Chris Peevy, guitarist Shannon Cochran, drummer Jon Poole, bassist Josh Armour and guitarist Jared Lee – began as a group of friends before they formed the rock band originally known as Two Bare Feet.

Their focus is on making powerful music that will change lives as opposed to just art for art’s sake. Producers Scotty Wilbanks (Third Day, NewSong) and Pete Kipley (MercyMe, Rebecca St. James) introduced the band to its new recording company INO Records, and the resulting album, "You Alone" – which released earlier this year – is a pop/rock record that is most certainly worth a good listen.

Paul:  Who do people compare you to?

Chris:  Well, we are from Atlanta, so, of course, people compare us to Third Day, which is awesome. We also hear we have a Lifehouse mixed with Train sound, which is also very nice to hear.

Paul:  Are you guys doing this full-time?

Chris:  We are not doing this full-time, We all are in construction in one way or another, except for Josh who’s a golf instructor. It seems as soon as I get home from work, I jump back in my truck and it’s off to practice, or we are playing somewhere. All the places we work are very understanding of our busy schedule.

Paul:  What’s an Echoing Angels show like?

Chris:  Full of rock and fun. We love playing the songs that rock. Our passion is worshiping God and seeing how God still changes lives. Most of all, we want people not to see us but see what God does with a life that gives everything to Him.

Paul:  Which of the songs on your new record is the most requested one at your shows?

Chris:  We always are asked to play a song called “Free.” It is a song that really shows our roots as a band. We feel like that song, as much as any of the songs we have, brings the crowd alive because the song talks about finally finding God and how, in Him, we are free. Plus I always wanted a “Na Na” song that is easy to sing along with, and it is one of the most enjoyable times for all the guys in the band.

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