Christianity Lives Because He Lives

Dr. Ray Pritchard

Here’s a quote to keep in mind as millions of people prepare to watch the Lost Tomb of Jesus on the Discovery Channel tonight: 

“Christianity is a religion of facts, not of ideas. It rests upon the being of a personal God. It stands or falls with the reality of the statements in the Apostle’s creed. Its doctrines are only the explanations of its facts. The Epistles of the New Testament have no meaning if the Gospels are not historically true. We cannot too steadily keep in mind that Christianity is Christ. Jesus did not merely originate a spiritual movement. He is Himself the living, abiding power of the movement. We look back to no sepulchre; we look up to the Living One in the Heavens, Jesus Christ risen from the dead, the same yesterday, to-day, and forever. Christianity lives because He lives.

Let then the issue between the sceptic and the believer be kept clearly before us. If Jesus is now at God’s right hand, Head over all things unto the Church, Christianity lives in Him, and must live so long as He lives. It is because He is.”

Samuel James Andrews, The Life of Our Lord Upon the Earth; Considered in Its Historical, Chronological, and Geographical Relations. New York : Charles Scribner’s sons, 1889, p. X.

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