Nordeman Celebrates Career With "Recollection"

Artist:  Nichole Nordeman
Title:  "Recollection:  The Best of Nichole Nordeman"
Label:  Sparrow

Sometimes life’s journey feels like a 6,000 square-foot board game. And instead of mile-markers that read “lose a turn” or “back to START,” they may state “graduation,” “wedding” – life-impacting moments.

With her new album, "Recollection," Nichole Nordeman introduces two new tracks and pulls 15 mile-marker songs from four albums that have done far more than sell almost 1 million copies, win nine GMA Dove Awards and land five No. 1 radio singles. They have allowed audiences to walk alongside her life journey.

Whether pleading to God to be “real somehow” in “Real to Me” or humbling her questions to praise in “Holy,” Nordeman is transparent in songs about faith’s ups and downs.

Her two new songs, “Sunrise” and “Finally Free,” are no different. Raising the popular “time machine” question in lead single “Sunrise,” Nordeman asks herself if she could go back and make her life easier, would she? She answers with, “How would I know the morning if I knew not midnight?” Melodically, the minor, whispering chords follow the verses, until the mood dramatically builds instrumentally and vocally into a major key, as Nordeman proclaims God as maker of new beginnings – “You are sunrise.”

“Finally Free,” the new theme song for Women of Faith, quietly consoles the soul imprisoned in doubt with a ballad that centers on the John 8:36 promise of new freedom in Christ. “Let the chains fall away starting today/Everything has changed/I’m finally free.”    

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