Exciting Days

Dr. Ray Pritchard

These are exciting days at Keep Believing Ministries . . .

* We recently completed the first phase of our Anchor for China project that will allow us to equip 50,000 Chinese pastors and house church leaders will copies of the Chinese version of An Anchor for the Soul.

*We received permission to post the Chinese version of An Anchor for the Soul on the KBM website. Chinese readers around the world will be able to download it for personal use or for a home Bible study.

*The French translation of An Anchor for the Soul has just been completed. We hope to release it at a missions conference in Montreal in November.

*The Korean translations of “The Incredible of Journey of Faith” and “Discovering God’s Will for Your Life” have just been released.

*In May American Family Radio will launch a new national broadcast called “Fire Away” that will tackle cutting-edge issues from a biblical perspective. I will be a regular in-studio participant on the program.

*In the weeks leading up to Easter, thousands of people visited the Keep Believing sermon site to download resources for preaching during Holy Week.

*Action International Ministries has asked to reprint several of my books to be given to pastors in the Philippines and in Africa.

*In February I spent a week teaching Galatians to 420 eager students at Word of Life Bible Institute in New York.

*In June I will be teaching for the third year at the Global Proclamation Academy in Dallas, TX.

*We are making plans for a ministry trip to Thailand in late September to minister in the prisoners and to speak at a conference for Christian leaders.

*Next January Marlene and I will travel to Bolivia to speak to missionaries serving with South America Mission.

*In the fall of 2008 we travel to Seoul, Korea to teach at the brand-new Word of Life Bible Institute.

*We now have a volunteer who has agreed to head the KBM Book Depot. This will allow us reprint An Anchor for the Soul so that we can give away thousands copies to prison ministries, military ministry, and for use in disaster relief. Very soon we plan to place an order with Moody Publishers for a low-cost reprint version of Anchor.

*We are continuing to expand the KBM website so that it becomes a major Internet portal offering biblical resources for pastors and Christian leaders around the world. We already offer over 800 full-text sermons free for downloading.

*This year I am giving more of my time to encourage pastors through email, phone calls, conference ministry and retreats. We believe that encouraging pastors will become a major emphasis of Keep Believing Ministries in the future.

*The weekly sermon email now goes out to over 3200 people around the world.

*We will soon be adding podcasting and audio downloads to the KBM website. A friend donated professional-quality recording equipment that will make this possible.

*We are in the process of converting 600 of my sermons from cassette recordings to digital files. So far we have completed three complete sermon series and are working on two others. These audio files will used for mp3 downloads and for podcasting. Josh and Leah designed beautiful covers for the CD sets we are putting together.

*Moody Publishers has just released Stealth Attack, my new book about spiritual warfare in an age of terror. I will be doing a major round of radio and TV interviews in Chicago in early May.

*Marlene and I are speaking at New Brunswick Bible Institute April 26-29. Marlene is speaking to the women on “Designed by God: The Shaping of a Woman’s Heart,” and I’m speaking on “Stories Jesus Still Tells: Life Lessons from the Master Teacher.”

*You can now make an online contribution at to Keep Believing Ministries via PayPal. You can either make a one-time gift or you can set up your account to make a designated gift each month.

*At my request (and at the suggestion of a wise friend) the Keep Believing board approved a policy that I will not travel alone to speaking engagements. Because we are committed to personality accountability and team ministry, we think this decision will protect the ministry in the long run.

*Recently Skip Olson agreed to join the Keep Believing Board of Directors.

*We are working on a new logo for Keep Believing Ministries that will be unveiled soon.

*We continue to work on refining our mission statement. We want to serve the body of Christ worldwide through encouragement and evangelism. Our special areas of interest are encouraging pastors, equipping the next generation and supporting the spread of the gospel in every nation. Our current projects involve China, the Book Depot and the Internet. We provide a wide variety of resources—sermons, the weblog, books (in various languages), the KBM website, podcasting, radio and TV interviews. We encourage through email, personal contacts, preaching, teaching and writing—all in various venues.

*I received a letter from a prisoner named Donald in Texas. Here is part of what he wrote, exactly as he wrote it: “Pastor Ray I writing to you to let you know there 12 of us in one tank in jail in Longview, TX who read your book An Anchor for the Soul. I writing to let you know how much we all enjoyed reading your book how much we learn from reading it. I really enjoy your chapter on “Amazing Grace” and “The Great Exchange.” I’m hoping someone will send me more of your book.” The grammar isn’t perfect, but the message comes through loud and clear. Since 2000 we have donated over 300,000 copies of “An Anchor for the Soul” to prison ministries, military ministries and for disaster relief. We are asking God to help us reopen the free book depot so that men like Donald can hear the Good News and be saved.

Believe or not, this isn’t a complete list of all that we’re doing. Check out my travel schedule to see where we’ll be in the next few months. You can also check the media schedule for a list of upcoming radio and TV interviews.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us and for this ministry. As I said, these are very exciting days with new doors opening every week. We depend upon your prayers as we go forward.

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