Two Fine Basset Hounds

Dr. Ray Pritchard

Here’s a picture of two fine basset hounds taking a break during a hot Mississippi afternoon. The basset on the left is Gary, a fine hound that Nick and his friends at Samford purchased as a puppy in the fall of 2005. Gary is the reason we got Dudley. When Nick brought Gary over for Thanksgiving in 2005, he was just a couple of months old. We spent hours playing with him, rubbing his tummy, and once when I was gone, he slept next to Marlene with his nose under her chin. A few weeks later we purchased Dudley when he was only five weeks old. He was even smaller than Gary and could fit in my palm. Today his a full member of our family.

The differences between the two bassets are obvious. Dudley has a deep, throaty bark that sounds like it should come from a much larger dog. Gary hardly ever barks. Nick attributes that to being raised in a house filled with guys. Gary has an aristocratic bearing. When you call his name, he lifts his head into a regal pose, as if to say, “You called?” Dudley is a country basset. He loves the sights and smells of the forest, and a good day is one where he can get muddy down by the lake. Together they make a good team.

The only thing our new home lacks is a backyard fence. We can’t go without one because the other day Dudley was staying with Alan and somehow got out when Alan opened the garage door at 5:15 AM to pick up the morning paper. Dudley darted out and ran off with Alan in hot pursuit. He went from yard to yard, always staying just out of Alan’s grasp. It took 35 minutes before Alan found him on the other side of the subdivision. We’ve already had our new home measured for a fence. We move in on Friday, June 15; they start the fence on Monday the 18th.

And it’s possible that Gary will join our family soon because Nick is graduating and the other guys have to move out of the house (owned by university) because the girls’ soccer team is moving in. So once the guys scatter, we may end up with Gary. That’s fine with me if it happens.

The only thing better than one basset hound is two.