Anchor Books Delivered to Chicago

Dr. Ray Pritchard

Earlier today 50,000 copies of An Anchor for the Soul were delivered to our storage facility in Chicago. This means the Anchor Book Depot has officially been reopened. You can read more about it here. We plan to donate the books for the following four purposes:

Prison Ministry
Military Ministry
Disaster Relief
Missionary Outreach

In the past seven years over 300,000 copies have been given away for those four purposes. The delivery of these books comes in answer to many prayers, much hard work, and the support of many people. We will soon be sending a thousand books to a prison in California plus we will be sending books to Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. And there are other requests pending.

David Hoy, board chairman for KBM, called “an historic day for Keep Believing Ministries.” We continue to pray that each book will end up in the hands of someone who needs to know Jesus.

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