Fashion Conscious - Ed Young Television Devotional - 6/8

Ed Young Television Devotional

Fashion Conscious

…clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 13:14

It doesn’t take much time at a magazine rack to realize our society is extremely fashion-conscious. From Fossil to Fendi; flip-flops to fur coats, we love to concentrate on clothing. No matter what the occasion, we want to be appropriately dressed in the latest style. But our fashion frenzy is nothing new.

God himself has a passion for fashion. As the ultimate Designer, he wants us to be dressed to the nines in every area of our lives. And because of that, he has tailor made a perfect garment for all of us to put on. And that garment is Jesus Christ.

The thread that holds the world together isn’t made of silk or cotton. It isn’t found on a sale rack or on the pages of a magazine. Rather, the thread that holds your life together is Jesus Christ.

As you continue to work on the fabric of your life, trust God’s plans for you. Look to Christ for his fashion advice. And discover what it means to become truly fashion conscious.


Lord, thank you having such a passion for fashion. And thank you for designing the ultimate garment to cover my life. Help me to take hold of that garment and to wear it in everything I do so that others may see your glory in my fashion conscious life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Today’s Evotional was inspired by the series Thread, where Ed Young talks about the common thread that can hold us all together, reconnecting the disconnected fabric of our lives.

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