Wilson Does Not Disappoint with A Shred of Truth

Paul Rose Jr.

Author:  Eric Wilson
Title:  A Shred of Truth
Publisher:  WaterBrook Press

When I read Eric Wilson’s debut novel, Dark to Mortal Eyes a few years back, I thought that the author had some potential, but was still struggling to find his voice and reconcile the two audiences he was trying to reach (Christian booksellers and the people who never enter such establishments).  I figured once he’d gotten a few more books under his belt, he’d have a chance of some success.  I could not have been more wrong.  With Expiration Date, Wilson raised his standard by 100 percent and proved he was a writer with a future.  Then came the Aramis Black series.

With The Best of Evil, Eric burst out of the confines of the Christian marketplace and produced a novel that was worthy of space on any crime fiction fan’s bookshelf.  Introducing Aramis Black, a reformed drug pusher and lowlife, who has recently moved to Nashville to live with his country-music-star aspiring older brother, Johnny Ray and opened his own espresso shop, cleverly named “Blacks,” with the help of venture capitalist Samantha “Sammie” Rosewood.  One day his morning started out with a bang and his resolution for reformation started to crack.

In A Shred of Truth, Aramis Black is back, a little worse for wear after the events of Best of Evil, but ready to start the day fresh.  Unfortunately, it’s never quite that easy—especially for our dear Mr. Black.  With his brother about to leave on a whirlwind independent artist tour, and still reeling from the consequences of the events of The Best of Evil, both the story and the TV show, Aramis Black is unprepared for an attack on his brother, the return of his ex-girlfriend, and the chance that his mother may still be alive after all.

All of the stress leads Aramis to react as many others would in his situation, slipping from his relatively fresh faith and slipping into his old ways and old attitudes.  Further complicating matters is his upcoming final exam for a college course on Legends and Lies, taught by the haughty Professor Boniface Neumann (Professor Bones) to his students.  A group project, based on an urban legend selected to spread via the Internet.  As the stakes move higher and higher, Aramis questions everything and everyone he knows and trusts, until he can no longer tell truth from fiction.

In true Wilson fashion, things start out with a bang and don’t slow down, gripping the reader as he follows Aramis’ adventures, trying to sort the truth from the lies while racing faster and faster to the inevitable end.  Will Aramis completely surrender to his old nature, or is he truly a new man; a new creation?

Wilson’s writing has increased a thousand-fold from his first novel, and his unique voice gets stronger with every novel he produces.  Blending the high-stakes suspense of Dean Koontz with the historical sensibilities and mysteries of Steve Berry, he then raises the bar with his own pulse-pounding pace and style.

Fans of Wilson’s earlier novels will be happy to learn that he has once again encoded a mystery in the text of the novel and left some clues to his next few books along the way for the more attentive readers.

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