Biking Update

Dr. Ray Pritchard

This week I've been riding my bike in 100+ degree weather. Yesterday I went 12 miles in 105 degree heat. Today I rode 16 miles at around 102 degrees. When it’s that hot (and very humid), you have keep yourself hydrated and not push too hard. I discovered a brand-new route that starts at our home on Valley Vista, goes west on Chesterville Road, south on county road 1176, then southeast on Locust Lane, a flat road that with overhanging branches that form a canopy for part of the ride. Then across Highway 6 to Bissell Road for another stretch of excellent road that curves through the countryside and crosses the Natchez Trace. I turned south on the Trace and rode a mile past the Palmetto Road exit. Eight miles out, eight miles back--the best ride I’ve found since moving to our new home. The Natchez Trace is an excellent road for biking, especially as you get farther away from the traffic around Tupelo.

As of today, I’ve ridden 634 miles year to date. I should have no trouble going over the 1000 mile mark in the next several months. Meanwhile I still need to put some lights on the bike so I can ride at night. I used to do a lot of night riding in Oak Park but have done none at all since moving to Mississippi.

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