We Won!

Dr. Ray Pritchard

Several weeks ago I told you all about Steve Tanner’s 25 Days of Christmas Music. I didn’t mention that Steve was running a contest to see which website would refer the most traffic to his website. I’m happy to say that we won. Check out this website for the final results. You will note that the Crosswalk website came in first and the Keep Believing website came in third so that means you–our loyal readers–carried the day with 56% percent of the traffic. As a reward Steve has put together 5 previously unreleased Christmas songs just for our readers. So even if you didn’t click through, you can still enjoy the music. Here are the five songs:

The World’s Greatest Jazzband of Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart - Deck The Halls (Released 1972, 253, 3.1 MB)

The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Take A Break Guys (Released 2007, 4:30, 9.1 MB)

Lester Lanin And His Orchestra - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Released 1959, 3:35, 2.7 MB)

Sam Levine Dixieland Band - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Released 1996, 3:15, 3.0 MB)

Jan Garber and His Orchestra - Jumpin’ Jiminy Christmas (Released 1959, 1:59, 3.5 MB)

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