More Articulate, Passionate Worship on I Belong

Artist:  Kathryn Scott
Title:  I Belong
Label:  Integrity Worship

Northern Ireland’s Kathryn Scott is well known for her articulate and passionate worship music, and I Belong only affirms her solid reputation. She and husband Alan co-pastor a Vineyard Church in Portstewart, Northern Ireland, but she took time out to write or co-write eleven new tracks for her sophomore project from Integrity.

Her impressive pool of co-writers attests to her place as a respected contributor in the worship scene. Co-writers on I Belong include Paul Baloche, Brian Doerksen, and Scott’s mother, singer/songwriter Mildred Rainey. Producer Brent Mulligan and Kathryn Scott offer up a clean, distraction-free project sure to lead many directly to the Throne Room.

Scott has a purity, a cleanness, to both her vocals and her approach to worship, immediately apparent on opener “Everything Changes,” her warm tones soaring over the moody setting. The second track co-written with her mother, Mildred Rainey, “No Turning Back” switches things up nicely with its rootsy instrumentation and country flair. But the first real standout, of several, is the delicate “Thank You for the Cross,” Scott’s vocals fervent, pumping and full of heart all the way through.
The lilting but intense “You Gave Your Life Away,” co-written with Paul Baloche, personalizes the cross over pulsating keys, and the eloquent lyrics of the quietly delicate “How Could I Ever Say Thank You” portray also the enormities of Christ’s sacrifice, while recognizing our deep inadequacies as we attempt to express our gratitude. Take special note of the simple but powerful bridge.

The title track is a tender ballad of surrender, Scott’s pure vocals underscored nicely by a sweet violin. And I love the fat, rolling chords of “Love Rescue Me,” throbbing with strings. This substantial track is yet another standout on an album thoroughly stuffed with talent and extensive expressive abilities. The soaring vocals of “Only True God” build to lovely heights of praise, Scott’s sincerity pulsating through clearly. Her “Grace Has Called My Name” is another quiet ballad, Scott richly thankful over more fat piano chords and soft brush work.
Great truth pierces through the quiet “Will Justice Reign” before Scott takes her hand to the classic “What a Friend.” Mixing the classic verses with a fresh fervent chorus, Scott manages to wring new life out of the familiar hymn, a surprisingly successful and moving closer. Just in time to close out one year and begin the next, Kathryn Scott has given us a superb and moving worship album.

 © 2008  All rights reserved.  Used with permission. 

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