Have a Blast While You Last

Dr. Ray Pritchard

We have just posted a new sermon on the website called Have a Blast While You Last. Here’s an excerpt:

"It happens that I am writing these words at a missionary guesthouse in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It is instructive to consider the preceding paragraph this way. What if I had been born in a village in Bolivia? My life would have been completely different than it has been. Not necessarily better or worse but different in its outward details. And the same goes for being born in Greece or Vietnam or Jordan or Norway. It is my “lot” in life to be Ray Pritchard, born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1952, raised in Russellville, Alabama, the son of Tyrus and Pud Pritchard, brother to Andy, Alan and Ron, husband to Marlene, father to Josh, Mark and Nick, father-in-law to Leah and Vanessa, and the happy owner of Dudley and Gary, our two fine basset hounds. Over the last 33 years Marlene and I have lived in Dallas, Texas; Midlothian, Texas; Downey, California; Garland, Texas; Oak Park, IL; and now we live in Tupelo, Mississippi. I could add details, but what does it matter? My 55 years can be summarized in two sentences. If I am ungrateful or unhappy, I am wasting what God has given me, and I am guilty of questioning God’s wisdom and doubting his goodness."

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