Small Sacrifice Offered for Twila's Latest

Artist:  Twila Paris
Title:  Small Sacrifice
Label:  Mountain Spring Music

While this has nothing to do with the musicality of Small Sacrifice, it is interesting to note that Twila Paris has released her 22nd album on her own Spring Mountain Music imprint, and is selling it exclusively on tour and in LifeWay Christian stores—an unusual marketing step. It’s probably a savvy business move, as that target audience will greatly appreciate Small Sacrifice, an album rich in the classic Twila sound.
Paris has always had the unique ability to move her audience when passionately belting out a worship song (“He Is Exalted”) or softly leading us to our knees in adoration (“We Will Glorify”); in either mode she is equally compelling. Small Sacrifice majors in the latter, possibly the influence of British producer John Hartley. I miss her edgier rock worship, but certainly “You Are a Great God,” building to a crescendo of warm adoration, will stir the soul of a worshipper as well. The gently melodic “Alleluia,” while not sonically ground-breaking, will please the church as well.
There’s a slight Euro-pop feel to some of the tracks, most noticeably the pulsating opener, “We Need Love,” delivered with some of Twila’s breathiest vocals yet. I thoroughly enjoyed the more classic Twila track, “I Can Do All Things.” Her vocal soars over quiet guitars and shining keys, the uplifting, faith-oriented lyrics packing a strong spiritual charge. “You Lead Me” is more of the same, her warm vocals riding a bed of rolling piano chords as she celebrates the Lord’s perfect care.
“There Is a Plan” is a dramatically pulsating track, telling the story of “a gentle woman and a righteous man” through glimmering guitars and tight percussion. The final must-mention is the stately power ballad “Not Forgotten,” a stirring and again uplifting track that can only strengthen your faith. It’s a testament to Paris’ illustrious ministry that after a quarter century she is still writing and delivering songs of strength and beauty. LifeWay customers are gonna snatch this album up eagerly.

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