Girls of Grace

Whitney Hopler

Girls of Grace, a devotional/Bible study book written by the members of the vocal group Point of Grace, dispenses advice on four topics that play a major part in most teen girls’ lives--“faith, family, friends, and boys.”  The book and its companion products (an album and a journal) are designed to inspire girls to pursue greater purity and spiritual growth.  The Point of Grace members--Heather, Shelley, Terry, and Denise--are also hosting two-day "Girls of Grace" conferences throughout the United States.


Although the subjects the book discusses are very basic (such as the importance of regular prayer and Bible reading, how to build strong relationships with family members and friends, and how to be sexually pure), the devotionals and accompanying Bible studies are actually quite thoughtful.  And the group members don’t shy away from sharing personal experiences to help them illustrate their points.


The book is also organized well.  Lyrics from some of the group’s songs are included throughout the book when they relate to various issues, and each chapter ends with a section that provides beauty tips (on exercise, makeup, nutrition, etc.) and “inner beauty tips” (on ways girls can develop their minds and spirits).  The letters that begin each chapter seem fake and contrived, however.  Written as if they were sent to Point of Grace by real teen girls, they don’t have nearly the impact that actual letters from actual teens would have in the book.


But overall, the book’s style and heart should capture teens’ attention and urge them gently along into closer relationships with Christ.