God Has a Bigger Plan

Dr. Ray Pritchard

We have just posted a new sermon on the Keep Believing website called God Has a Bigger Plan. Here’s an excerpt:


A few days ago I received word that Rusty Farabaugh died five years after being diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer. Shortly after his initial diagnosis he saw one of my books and was drawn to it because, as he wrote me later, “I was married to a Pritchard.” He told me that he saw God’s hand at work in his life and that  whether he lived or died, it didn’t matter because he was a winner either way. Only a man who truly believes in the sovereignty of God can talk like that. His friend Ken Ross wrote last week with the news of his passing. This is how he told the story of Rusty’s final journey:


He knew several years ago after the doctor told him the cancer news that his trip to Babylon physically was one of no return. He chose to be happy and I never heard him complain despite many setbacks and much pain. He ministered to his family and to those around him at church. He even held our last communion service. He made Babylon a place not to be feared for the rest of us facing our own trip someday.


Ken’s note ended with these words . . . “If Rusty could say anything to us right now it would be “Keep Believing…it’s worth it!”


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