New Calvary Chapel Band Is Worth Dying For

Kevan Breitinger

Artist:  Worth Dying For
Title:  Worth Dying For
Label:  Integrity Music

Another export from the Calvary Chapel machine, Worth Dying For is a five-piece band from Modesto, CA. Lead singer Christy Johnson is wife to the church youth pastor, and the band’s ministry is the overflow of the weekly youth event, “The Stadium.” This explains the band’s mission-oriented lyrics, anthemic tendencies, and heavy emphasis on aggressive guitars.
Thick guitar riffs open beneath the lyrics of adoration propelling the band’s signature song, “Revolution.” Immediately reminiscent of Hillsong United, the song introduces their fervent intentions:  “We are the start of the revolution.” The techno-laced follow-up track “Let It Go” brings Skillet or Superchic[k] to mind with its growling guitars and vocals, while “Unite” continues the youthful edginess with its throbbing, dissonant sound and the repetitive refrain, “We won’t back down or give up this fight.” “Crazy” features more of a pop bounce, but the aggressive guitars are still front and center, with more chanting refrains on the way out. “Die to Live” is another wailer, while the ambient, airy “Holy” is more of a passionate interlude, and a noteworthy one at that.
Christy Johnson’s lustrous vocal on the gently glimmering ballad “At Your Cross” brings Plumb to mind as the track builds to a jangly climax of worship, while fellow lead singer Sean Loche is out in front on the mid-tempo “All We” and the key-driven “Consume Me Now.” Drummer Josh O’Haire stands out especially for the pounding percussion of the latter track.
Other standouts on the 15-track project include pulsating ballad “Take Me” and the faith-driven “Unafraid,” Johnson’s vocal powerful over the intense guitars. I thoroughly enjoyed the power closer, “Infiltrate,” with its radio loop of the popular statement of the ‘fellowship of the unashamed.’ It serves as a very uplifting anthem of faith, a potent closer before winding down to its quietly pulsating end. Worth Dying For has a strong ministry ahead of them, and many will find their energetic debut album to be quite galvanizing.

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**This review first published on April 21, 2008.