What You Seek, You Find

Dr. Ray Pritchard

We have just added a new sermon to the Keep Believing website called What You Seek, You Find. Here's an excerpt:

As we peer into the unseen future, we know that God intends to bring us to his appointed end for us. That means he will see to it that we are led step by step from where we are to where he wants us to be. But exactly how he will get us there, what intermediate steps we will take, that is not revealed. And certainly it means for us what it meant for the exiles, that sometimes we may feel that we are consigned to Babylon, that God has forgotten us, that we have messed up so badly that there is no hope or future for us. God says, “Do not judge my purposes by what you see in the mirror or what you see around you.” God is reminding his people that they are in no position to judge him at all.

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