"He is not saved yet"

Dr. Ray Pritchard

When we asked one of the Josiah Venture missionaries if she comes from a Christian family, she replied no, but her mother has accepted Christ. Then speaking of her brother, she said, “He is not saved yet.”

Not, “He is not saved.”
But, “He is not saved yet.”

Thus does faith work through hope. That little word “yet” makes all the difference. To say “He is not saved” is a statement of current fact. To say “He is not saved yet” brings God into the picture. You are speaking of things you have not yet seen.

I believe God honors that sort of forward-looking faith. Just because our loved ones are not saved today does not mean they won’t come to Christ tomorrow. Oh, we of little faith. As if God is stymied by man’s puny unbelief. Let us pray and believe for those who don’t know the Lord, and let us say by faith, “He is not saved yet” or “She has not come to Christ yet.”

Words matter. Say out loud what you want God to do, and then trust that he will someday turn the “yet” into glorious reality.

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