A Podcast for Pop-Culture Nuts

Laura MacCorkle

Sometimes I feel like a pop-culture nut.  

Sometimes I don’t.

And so on those not-so-nutty days, thank goodness there’s the weekly Steelehouse Podcast to help me find out what I should or shouldn’t be watching, reading or listening to when it comes to film, television, books, music or anything related to pop culture.  

Who’s responsible for such satisfactory auditory edification?  Why, our friends over at Steelehouse Productions (they create some of the videos you can watch in Crosswalk’s video channel) who began the Steelehouse Podcast earlier this spring!  But I just found out about it late last month.  So, of course, I dutifully went back in time (cue Huey Lewis and The News) and listened to all of the previous editions I had missed.

Co-hosts Mark Steele and Jeff Huston are just the right combination, too, with Abbott & Costello or Car Talk’s Click & Clack possibly paling in comparison.  Mark plays the funny guy to the sometimes-spastic hilt, while straight-man Jeff keeps as firm a grasp as possible on the topic at hand. 

But it’s not all kicks and grins, mind you.  There’s a good dose of seriousness in the discussion, too—especially when it comes to analyzing entertainment through the eyes of faith.  So far everything from ABC's Lost to C.S. Lewis to The Super Friends Hour cartoons to Oscar-nominated films to most influential albums have been discussed.  Weekly segments may include, but are not limited to:  Personal Preferences, Pop Culture Moment of the Week, Verblog, Lost Discussion, Listener Feedback, etc.

So if you’ve got an hour or so to spare each week and need a pop-culture fix, then the Steelehouse Podcast is for you.  It's updated every Friday, and I highly recommend it.

To listen, go here and click on the icon for “Steelehouse Podcast.”  Or you can subscribe through iTunes.  In the search window, just type in “Steelehouse Podcast.”

NOTE:  The preceding post is not a paid endorsement.  But it certainly could be.  For the right price.