Impressive Vocals, Simple Lyrics Live on Ashmont Hill

Artist:  Ashmont Hill
Title:  Ashmont Hill
Label:  Axiom Records

Transparent worship …

To borrow a line from Randy Jackson (yes, American Idol's Jackson)… “If you can sing, you can sing anything.” Ashmont Hill can sing! Its self-titled debut is comprised of song after song of impressive vocals, accessible harmonies and lyrics so simple they are undeniably honest and transparent reflections of hearts filled with the love of Christ.

Musically, the production takes full advantage of the impressive vocal range of all four members. At the same time, this album achieves something few can—a smooth, almost buttery personality that resonates with a sense of worship and quiet, assured faith. Not that the talent emanating from this album is even remotely quiet; rather it is a beautiful and rare collaboration of voices, spirits and performances that deliver a unified voice of conviction and praise.

The album begins with an organ riff and toe-tapping beat that’s slightly reminiscent of a Jackson 5 number from back in the day. Following that are some beautiful praise ballads that complement the controlled delivery of each member with interesting and varied orchestration. Track five is a refreshing take on praise standard “Blessed Be Your Name.”

Ashmont Hill possesses the kind of individual talent that could lead to promising solo careers for each member; but they have somehow grasped the concept and mechanism of blending, so that each voice truly does come together with the others to become a single instrument of praise. Add to that the attention given to melodic hooks and the order of the tracks, and you’ve got a compelling and inspiring ebb and flow of reverence, praise, repentance and pure love—from God and of God.

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*This review first published on June 13, 2008.