Nevertheless Still In the Making on Sophomore Project

Artist:  Nevertheless
Title:  In the Making ...
Label:  Flicker Records

Indie ensemble pours life into record no. 2 …

What started out as a high school hobby band just outside of Chattanooga, Tenn., has turned into a full-fledge killer rock outfit. Sure, the median age of Nevertheless is 23, but during the last six years of graduations, marriages and road life, the arresting quintet has had more than its share of growth. In the Making… is the recorded proof.

Originally known as a spunky, independent band, the ensemble has progressed past the waning emo fads of a few years back to produce a record that still pays homage to its electric indie roots while purporting a riper sound.

“Sleeping In” commences the record with a pulsing melodic piano, alluding to 11 songs of added depth, as it addresses insecurity head on. And in a much-needed commentary, “It’s True” insists God is unchanging, despite Christians’ often-hypocritical behavior.

“Cross My Heart” and “Long Shot” will still stir concertgoers crazy with slick hooks, hyperactive rhythms and catchy lyrics. But with a goal to “write about both the light that shines in the darkness and about the darkness that does not understand it,” it is the contemplative Nevertheless that begs to be heard.

“It’s No Secret” marries its mainly acoustic instrumentation with an aching plea: “I wonder what you think of me/When I put your name in spotlights/Run into the dark night all alone/I love like I’m changing with the seasons/When you give me every reason to stay by your side/But still I hide/It’s no secret … I need you now.”

And though, lyrically, Nevertheless shows evidence of advancement, less than poetic lyrics and undiscriminating phrases still dilute verse and chorus here and there. For a sophomore effort, the band is still evolving—a good sign of life in any artist. Everyone needs time to mature. Consider Nevertheless way ahead of the curve.


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**This review first published on October 9, 2008.