A Word with You - Apr. 3, 2009


Whatever it Takes to Save a Life

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I've had the chance to meet some fascinating people with our Native American outreaches when I go out with our On Eagles' Wings Teams. One of those would have to be Chad. He was raised to actually be the last traditional chief in his tribe and a spiritual shaman. Like many Native Americans over the years, he was sent to a religious boarding school, and in Christ's name he was forced to dress, look and speak like a white man - punished if he accidentally spoke a word of his own language. The anger that built up in him made him a most unlikely candidate to ever give his heart to the one that he was sure was "the white man's God." Chad actually said he wanted to die, so he went to Vietnam, hoping that someone would kill him. He became one of the few good that were good enough to be called a Navy Seal and then he went through the horrors of being a prisoner of war. When he returned from the war, he became a gang leader in a major city with some 10,000 people in his organization. Stabbed twice, shot three times, and one night he found himself on an operating table with surgeons fighting very long odds to save his life.

Chad remembers vividly the near-death experience he had. He actually found himself looking down on his own life-or-death surgery. As he looked down on the operating room, Chad testifies that a big man with shoulder-length hair appeared next to him - a man wearing a long white robe with a gold sash around it. He spoke to Chad and He said, "I died for you, Chad. I want you to give your life to me." What blew Chad away was that this man spoke to him in his own native language! That night Chad realized this Jesus could not just be a white man's God. As Chad said, "No white man's God would have spoken to me in my language!" Since 1996, he's been a powerful leader for Jesus Christ among native people, and now a great friend and partner with us in reaching his people.

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