Blind Man's Heart "Nicked" by Doctor: Prayers, Please

John Shore

Hey, friends. I have a prayer request, please.

One of the thrift stores run by my wife Cat (for Encinitas' Community Resource Center) is managed by a good woman named Karen. Karen has a 51-year-old brother named Gary Michael, to whom she is very close. Gary is developmentally disabled, and blind.

This morning Gary was hospitalized for some heart trouble he was having. The doctors decided to install in him a pacemaker. That procedure went poorly; among other complications, it seems one of his surgeons "nicked" Gary's heart. Gary is now on life support. His condition is critical.

Karen, Cat, and I are wondering if you might, please, take a moment to send up a prayer on Gary's behalf. Thank you.

Gary's great joy in life is music. He has a particular affinity for The Beach Boys, Kenny Rogers, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. TV-wise, he loves Sesame Street, The Price Is Right, and Dragon Tales. No one who meets Gary ever fails to notice his strikingly beautiful blue eyes.

And if I could ask personally: Could you also say a prayer for Karen?

Thank you again, more than I can say. Much love to you all.

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