"I don't need a war to take you home."

Dr. Ray Pritchard

About a month ago I started an email correspondence with a soldier serving with the US Army in Afghanistan. From what he has written, I gather that he's been there for several tours of duty. Somehow he found one of my books, read it, and wrote with some questions. Like all who serve in a combat zone, he has wondered about the possibility of his own death. That thought bothered him for a long time until he had an unusual experience that gave him a new perspective:

We were getting ready to go on a convoy (for a stupid reason) and I was complaining about us risking our lives on the dangerous roads for nothing. just then I heard God's voice saying, "I don't need a war to take you home."

It is a great advance spiritually to realize that our lives are in God's hand. We sometimes talk about "safe" places and "dangerous" places. And from a human point of view, Afghanistan is much more dangerous than the average neighborhood in America. But geography doesn't determine destiny. 

If you are a child of God, you couldn't be safer than you are right now. 

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