Discover the Book - Oct. 29, 2009


Grace-Energized Mother Deal with Bitterness


Spotting Signs of Bitterness 

What are the warning signs of bitterness? As I list off some of the most common signs of bitterness, ask yourself as a grace-energized wife or mother (and everyone else listening), are you showing any of these signs of bitterness? 

It is really not that complicated to recognize that bitterness has set in. Let's think of some of the characteristics of a bitter person:  

  • They show a lack of concern for others. A bitter person cares very little about anybody else.  
  • They're very sensitive and touchy. For instance, if a bitter person walks into a room where two other people are talking, and those people get quieter as he walks in, the bitter person thinks, "They're talking about me."  
  • They tend to avoid meeting new people, show little or no gratitude at all, and usually speak words of empty flattery or harsh criticism.  
  • They hold grudges against people, often for a long, long time. They find it extremely difficult to forgive.  
  • They often have a stubborn or sulking attitude.  
  • They end up experiencing mood extremes - very high and happy one minute, and the next thing you know, they're so low they can reach up and touch bottom.  
  • Bitterness can be called the seed of Hell because one of the worst things about bitterness is that it doesn't stop. It keeps getting worse. It may only start as a little seed of hurt, but then it grows and festers into a very dangerous thing. 

Bitterness is one of the more deadly cancers of the spiritual life of the believer. If you are infected by bitterness, get out of your self-imposed prison now, don't stay in a moment longer. Paul said that the Spirit of God, in the power of Christ's cross can set you free. The escape route has been marked for us by the One who should have had all the reasons in the world to be bitter but was not. 

Getting Out of the Bitterness Trap  

Have you ever noticed that line in the Lord's Prayer? Often we have said it so many times we skip right over it. "Forgive us God the way we have forgiven others". God wants us to forgive others and not cultivate bitterness. Forgiving others isn't denying that they hurt us or ignoring it either. Denial is mindless foolishness. God wants us to face real problems with real solutions from His Word. 

Getting out of the bitterness trap starts by honestly confronting hurts in our lifeā€”and as those energized-by-grace, doing something about each hurt-induced wound! 

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