Discover the Book - Dec. 7, 2009


The King's Shirkers: Religious Leaders


Are you looking for Jesus this Christmas? Or is this Christmas flying by so fast you will miss what God is offering you? Everyone who was looking for Jesus to come enjoyed His arrival. As we examine their lives we can often see ourselves. Who are you like?

*       Are you like Herod? He lived for himself and would sacrifice nothing of his power, pleasures, or possessions for Jesus the King.

*       Or are you like the Wisemen? They were an example of faith and sacrifice. They sought out Jesus at any cost. The Magi were willing to follow God's way anywhere in order to find their Promised King and Savior.

Let's trace their pathway today upon our hearts as a lesson. If you want to seek and find Him here is a pattern that God has recorded for us to learn from.

*       Come to Him Yourself: Do you see the lesson in the way these Wisemen gave? They didn't send their gifts by another's hand; they came and brought them personally to Jesus. God wants you, in person, to come to Him. Undaunted by the long and arduous journey, they must have been amazed to find a mere baby in a stable. After the magnificence of King Herod's palace and his overpowering presence it is amazing that they fell down in worship before baby Jesus as they did.   Choosing to disobey Herod's demand that they reveal the location of Jesus indicates their faith. This choice could have cost them their lives.   So in every way it was a personal coming to Jesus that marked their lives.


Have you come personally to Jesus in prayer, worship, and adoration today? Have you given yourself   to Jesus this Christmas? That is the first gift. Remember how Paul commended the saints that "first gave themselves" (II Corinthians 8:5)?


*       Sacrifice your time, freedom, and comfort for Him: From the two year calculation of Herod's death warrant on the babies of the region we can infer that it took many months for these Wisemen to travel to Jerusalem. Herod added some months on each end to cover any potential birth near that time. All that to say that it was hard to travel 1100 to 1200 miles back then. They walked and rode across hot and arid deserts, through rivers, and across cold and dangerous mountain passes to get to Christ's birthplace from the regions of Babylon, Persia or Media. Even today this journey is very difficult and dangerous.


*       What are you sacrificially giving to Jesus this Christmas that costs you something?


Present what you have to Him today. Give Him your mind—let Him fill it. Give Him your hands—let Him guide and use them. Give Him your future—let Him plan and direct your life. Give Him your treasures—He can store them and invest them in safe places that bring everlasting rewards.


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