The God-Dependent Life

Dr. Ray Pritchard


Do you know why God put you where you are right now?

That's a tough question for some of us to answer. Have you wondered about that? Why has God put you right where you are right now? Do you think it happened by chance that you are single (or married), with children at home (or long since moved away), with a good job (or stuck in a bad situation)? Or is there a larger purpose at work in your life?

Let me ask that question from a completely different perspective. What will you have to show for your life when you stand before Jesus Christ?

A good job?
A college degree?
Money in the bank?
Lots of friends?
A large reputation?
A successful career?
The praise of others?
A winning record?
A bagful of awards?
Departmental chairman?
President and CEO?

If that's all you've got to show for your life, then you really don't have much going for you. Sooner than you think, you'll be lying in a box six feet underground with grass growing over your head. And the things you worked so hard for won't matter at all. Someone else will have your money and your job. Your fame will fade, your glory will disappear, and everything you now own will belong to others (and someone else will be sitting in your pew at church). You will eventually be forgotten except by those people who stumble on your gravestone 100 years from now and say, "I wonder who this guy was."

Howard Hendricks said it this way: "Only two things in this world are eternal-the Word of God and people. It only makes sense to build your life around those things that will last forever." The Word of God will last forever. People last forever. Everything else disappears.

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