Discover the Book - Feb. 20, 2010


Prophecy: The Signature of God


The reason I am convinced that God's Word is Prophecy: God tells us exactly what He is going to do in the future, long before He does it. That act of God, declaring in minute, clear, and amazing detail the events of the future is called Biblical Prophecy.


God's Word is completed with the Book of Revelation, God's final word to mankind; it is also the most powerful book of the Bible. Nearly twenty years ago for my doctoral dissertation at Dallas Seminary--I began an intense study of the living hope each of us believers should have, grounded by Biblical prophecy.


I believed that the last book of the Bible is the most hope filled, hope inspiring, hope anchoring book in all of God's Word.


Each believer, saved and part of Christ's family needs Living Hope for the End of Days. We need to learn from our trustworthy Bibles, how to walk each day—with the God we can know personally and trust completely.


Rev 1:3 "Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near."


Prophecy: God's Signature Across His Word


Life is hard, the world is sometimes bleak, and we often need help to go on against the flow of the world and seek God. May I give you the single most encouraging aspect of my spiritual life?


Each day I get so recharged and renewed by God's Word that I can go out and face another day. How? By spending time with the God who has left me a daily reminder of who He is and what He is doing—so that I can see and test and have my faith renewed!


This authenticating, verifying, faith building record God has left for us I call the Signature of God in the Book we call the Bible, God's Word—the Holy Scriptures.


The Creator and Redeemer, the Lord God Almighty who is the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe tells us that there is something He is very focused upon.


The Bible you hold in your hands is like none other book—because God says, "I am watching over my Word—to perform it" (Jeremiah 1:12). That declaration made by the Lord Himself is what I like to call the Signature of God.


What is the simplest and yet most profound evidence the Bible offers concerning God's reality? It is prophecy fulfilled--the irrefutable verification reserved to the Scriptures alone.


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