Hearts of Saints Poised for Breakout Success

Artist:  Hearts of Saints

Title:  Hearts of Saints

Label:  Revolution Arts

A fierce fresh face to fawn over …

To those in the Midwest, the name Hearts of Saints is already familiar thanks to loads of touring, including dates with TobyMac, Skillet, Family Force 5 and Jars of Clay. Along with main stage slots at AtlantaFest, Rock the Light and Rock the Universe at Universal Studios (to name a smattering), the group caught the ears of the GRITS-run Revolution Art record label, in turn, releasing its self-titled CD to the national masses.

And there are plenty of reasons to embrace the record, starting with pristine production from Ainslie Grosser (Mute Math), crossed with a sound that falls somewhere in between the stadium shaking sounds of Switchfoot and the alternative dance pop sensibilities of The Killers. Top tunes include the instantly contagious "Over and Over," the momentum-building "Emmanuel" and the mega-hit in the making "Monster."

The group's also incredibly uplifting in the lyrical department, suggesting listeners should make the most of every opportunity they're given and never be afraid to settle for anything less than the best. It is, of course, spiritually centered ("Recapture Me," "Hello Grace") but couched within ever-so-slight euphemisms to give the group crossover appeal, which given its mainstream-friendly sound, is certainly possible. Between this self-titled satisfaction and a pledge to remain on the road, Hearts of Saints is poised to be one of this year's breakout bands that will hopefully last for the long haul.

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**This review first published on May 27, 2010.